European Chef Knife – Ladder pattern damascus steel.


European style Chef Knife – Latter pattern damascus San Mai.

A serious and sultry kitchen workhorse, and exceptionally high finish all around. 2 pieces of 60-layer damascus sandwiched either side of a high carbon steel core. reclaimed Phosphor bronze bolster and ebonised holm oak handle. comes with a saya (Japanese-style sheath) made from the same ebonised oak, with brass and antler pin. Ready to become a family heirloom.



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Something a bit special. This is a truly unique European style chef knife with a touch of flare. The blade is constructed from 3 main layers of steel –  a piece of high carbon steel sandwiched between 2 pieces of 60 layer pattern welded steel and ‘laddered’ – this is where the layers are cut into and then flattened out again to ‘disrupt’ the layers and give the beautiful and unique wavy pattern you see. A meaty knife for hard work but also with a slim tip for delicate cuts. the handle is reclaimed phosphor bronze and ebonised holm oak. Comes with a matching Saya (sheath) in the same wood with a brass and antler locking pin. An heirloom for everyday use.


Blade: high carbon steel (1084/15n20)

Handle: reclaimed phosphor bronze and ebonised holm oak


Blade length: 225mm

Blade height: 50mm

blade thickness: 3.3mm by the handle tapering to 1mm at the tip

Overall length: 368mm